Word Linking

Most of my daughter’s speech and signing are single words but she has – literally in the last week or so – linked the following:

“Help” and “me” verbally; and

Signing, “Daddy” and “up” when asking me to to jump on the trampoline with her.

Subject-verb; verb-object. Precision and the core of a sentence structure.

Every night, I sign and say “Daddy loves Daisy” and she has signed back “Daisy loves Daddy”. She knows how to melt a heart! Then – literally the next day – she signed “Daisy loves… bath, cat, bed…” and broadly went through every sign she knows except “Dad”. And she did so with the broadest widest grin you can imagine. Cheeky soul!

We had today – 1st June 2017 – a linking of “Walk” and “Home” to show that she was ready to leave McDonald’s. She had balloon. Nothing else appealing was there!

This week, we have had “Daddy” and “Bath” signed together on a  regular basis and, on a couple of times, “Daisy” and “Bath”.

Georgie took Daisy out to see a horse last week, a horse called “Daisy”. When they met, Daisy signed “Daisy” and pointed to herself and then “Daisy” and pointed to the horse. This is a HUGE step forward and shows that she has a very real understanding of her own and others’ identities.

“Daddy”, “cake” and “home” were linked on her birthday to make sure I brought the remains of the birthday cake home with us. Pointing out that we had another one at home didn’t cut the mustard!

And her sentences continue to grow! See the link here for a six word sentence from her! “Daddy Daisy swim river dog tree” for “I want Daddy to take me swimming in the river with trees where the dogs swim.”

Verbally, “Go” is often linked with “away”. Sigh.

“Where” is being linked with a range of nouns both verbally and signed. Where mum? Where cat? Where ice cream?

With some promoting we’re also linking the signs “Daisy wants… please when we offer her choices between toys or books or films or food.