Beauty And The Beast

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We took Daisy to see Beauty and the Beast on Saturday 3rd June: a last minute last weekend of the half-term treat. Personally, I thought it was an unnecessary re-make: the additions to the story were ineffective and the new songs dull. And I didn’t like the clompy way Beast walked: I much preferred the fluid menacing grace of the cartoon. And Emma Watson very much underwhelmed…. but hey ho. This isn’t a review of the film. And Daisy loved it, really engaging with the narrative – especially in the fight scenes – watching very intently as Gaston fought Beast and whooping with a lovely “Yay!” and fist bump when Gaston fell to his grisly death! Much to the amusement – or possibly irritation – of the people around us.

However, coming back to language, when we went to see the film, I walked Daisy into the cinema earlier in the day so it was familiar, introduced her to the sign for cinema and I signed “Beauty” and “Beast” pointing to the pictures on the poster…

And on Monday, we were driving towards the cinema again and heard an excited squeal from her. When I turned around, she signed the Beast sign as clear as you’d like! Literally forty-eight hours after she’d last seen it and, before Saturday, we had never used the Beast sign as a proper noun, only as the generic “animal” sign.