Spoken Vocabulary

“No” This was one of her first words. Probably no surprise to most parents! A range of intonations are used with it from a quiet “no” to a dismissive “nope” to an emphatic “No! No! Noooo! NOOO!!!”

“Yes” came closely afterwards with a less varied or emphatic tone.


“Mum” has been used once in relation to a book: a silhouette of the mother and the word “mum” written. “Mum” has now become a regular and repeated enunciation! Daily. Many times daily. Many many times!

“Dad” has been used, likewise, once. Here, she was playing in the bath, practising putting her head under the water, and I asked if she wanted to show Mummy to which the reply was “No. Dad.” Interestingly, it is a totally secure sign and has been for ages, but only vocalised that once. So far.

“One, two, three…” are pretty secure and familiar to her. Countdowns to three to get into bed or out of the car have been pretty common – what does she think might happen at “three”? But she’s been counting toys as well and counting breaths when using an inhaler and spacer and screws up her eyes and says “One, two, three” to ask for hide-and-seek. Pre-school believe they heard her join in counting with another girl and reached eight before the teacher.

“Ball” has been heard on one day only at pre-school but is pretty consistent at home.

“Keys” have been a favourite thing of hers for a while. The word “keys” sort of came out today – 5th June – as an “eeee”. Again, it’s the initial sound that is missing.

“Home” came today, 6th June 2017, beautifully clearly in response to a picture of a house in 100 First Words.

Body parts aren’t something she signs beyond pointing to them but she has said

“Ear” when drawing a face.


“Hair” occurred today, 4th June 2017. Daisy has always loved a bath and usually brings herself down, puts the plug in and jumps in by herself (thankfully without water). Today, she was standing beside it, pointing to the trimmings from a hair cut and saying “hair” as a request to rinse the hair away.

“Round” which I’m putting as a noun because she used “round round” to mean roundabout and, by a process of metonymy “play park”. Misunderstanding it to mean literally going in a circle led to frustrations!

Looking at food stuffs, which she usually signs for, we have

“Biscuit” was used on 10th June. She only uses the vowels for it (“i-i”) which makes it hard to distinguish but she used in in conjunction with the sign.

???”Star” may have been said today, 5th June. It was just once and the initial “st” was missing but it was whilst holding The Fox and The Star and whilst signing “Star”.


“Help” was first used in imaginative play and role play, reaching out her hand and calling for help. What does that say about the play we give her? It is also being used in real world situations now but she’s an independent stubborn lassie who doesn’t ask for real help often!

“Down” is, I know, not a verb but she uses is as one in the sense of “Get down” or “Put me down”.

“Up” for similar reasons being used as a verb.

“Go” had been used in the context of a race: I’ll say “Ready, Steady…” and she’ll say “Go!”

“Throw” was used today – 2nd June 2017 – when throwing a ball to me. Only once and in response to my saying it when I threw to her.


“Blue” is used fairly consistently.

“Green” I have heard once. It was context appropriate: waiting to cross the road, I told her to tell me when the man was green and a few minutes later there was a tug on my hand and “‘een”. I’m claiming that one.

“Brown” was used today and on several other occasions.



“Here” is a relatively recent addition to the vocabulary, literally as of her last SALT assessment.

“Now” is coming up quite regularly. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether she’s saying “Down” or “Now” but there are times when it’s definitely been an emphatic “Now!”