Non-verbal utterances

This is for those non-verbal vocalizations which convey meaning and therefore sort of bridge the gap berween words and noise. And it’s a tricky bridge to navigate. For example, she can say “Ow!” But only consciously and when shes not really hurt, so I’d call it a word. When she really has hurt herself, she’ll just cry! Similarly she can say “Ha ha Ha!” as words but also laugh. So, leaving crying and laughing to one side, she can say the following.

“Roar!” was probably one of her first non-verbal utterances, other than laughing and crying. She used it to punctuate her readings of Room On The Broom and to let her toy dinosaur threaten us and her other toys! We’ve got a delightful video of her performing her limited role in last year’s Nativity Play – and performing it to perfection! – and then “rawrrr”ing at the priest!

“Wow!” which actually came very early and which morphed into the next item.

“Woah!” for fun things that just aren’t quite worth a Wow!

“Wow Wee!” is used for when a “Wow!” just does not quite cut the mustard.

A raange of gasps indicate a theatrical sense of tension and anticipatio. And a “phew!” – usually accompanied by her hand swishing out from her chin – shows, equally theatrically, the relief from the release of that tension!

“Miaow!” has become genuinely quite convincing!

“Woof!” is less convincing but used quite regularly.

“Sssssss” as the sound of a snake, usually associated with the sign. She likes snakes.

Twooo” is what owls do!

“Yay!” is quite common now, often associated with the cutest little fist-pump anyone would ever hope to see.

“Oh!” is used adverbally to give emphasis – and dramatic flair – to a simple “no”.

We’ve got a “Wee bleep” to refer to a slide, a “boing” to mean both “jump” and “rabbit”

“BEEP BEEP BEEP” is her reversing! Her mum had a car that beeped loudly when reversing. As I’m the one who takes her grocery shopping, she’s started pushing the trolley and, at times, pulling it in reverse which, now, is accompanied by warning beeps.

In terms on non-verbal and non-vocal signed utterances, we have:

a fist pump for “Yes!”

a finger to her lips for “Hmmm….”

and a hand brushing past her lips for a “Phew!”